Sunday, May 18, 2014

Here are some pics from my hike up AB mountain this week. It was an amazing day and I couldn't let it go without doing something with it. 
     After work I booked it up the mountain. In my opinion this is the best view from any hike in Skagway. It never gets old! Wish I could bring my pops up here along with a lot of other people, my mom, sis, bro and fam, g-ma, troy dog, Lyss, Nicole, Erb, and lots of other peeps. (Daniel had to work late this night so he missed out, but he will def make it up there). Hopefully this will inspire you to come visit me and do some hiking!
This pic makes me happy
   This was my happiest moment of the week. Six days of working just isn't worth it to me. Some times I wish I didn't have to deal with the demands of this world! But I'm grateful to be here despite the unpleasant and unfair things of life.

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